Amazing facts about Tesla Motors

Find below Top 15 amazing facts about Tesla Motors

Top 15 Amazing Tesla Facts:
1. Tesla stock (TSLA) at one time was worth more than Ford's (F).

2. Tesla stock is the second oldest automotive stock in the USA stock market.

3. Elon Musk owns over 23% of Tesla stocks

4. Tesla almost sold or went bankrupt over 3 times.

5. Google almost bought Tesla.

6. Elon Musk did not start Tesla Motors.

7. TSLA stock started at 7 and is worth today over $300.

8. USA government once load Tesla $465 million, which Tesla paid back early.

9. Model X comes with a bio-hazard air filter

10. The lowest end Tesla battery can drive up to 230 miles before needing a charge.

11. Superchargers can fully charge a Tesla in 30 minutes.

12. You can drive your Tesla cross country. Just stop by the Superchargers to recharge.

13. The "Summon" feature will enable you to have your Tesla drive out to you.

14. Tesla owns it's own battery production factory.

15. Tesla produces more Lithium-ion cells than anyone else in the world.

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