Are Tesla cars truly Green?

Tesla cars are almost 100% Green. We say almost because cars still need to use rubber for tires and seals, power from natural/artificial sources to build the cars, etc. Read more below.

Tesla cars are "clean" or "green" cars because they don't expel any emissions as you drive in them. They simply need to have their batteries charged and that powers the electric motor. No gas and no more fumes out the tailpipe.

Electricity however at its source does have an impact on this planet. Electricity coming to your house comes from natural gas, coal (fossil fuel), and a very small portion from Nuclear power. There are other green power supplies such as windmills, solar cells and damn exist, but they are a small % as of today.
If you check Tesla's EPA miles per gallon equivalent to gas, you'll see the MPG at 89. You may have seen this on a Tesla and be confused, but the logic is simple. Its # of miles driven and the amount of gas required to create the electricity to charge the car.

The only true way to have a perfect "Green" record would be to use Solar power to charge your Tesla. In this case, you never draw power from the power grid.

Wait, I just liked, you can't get 100% green. Because 1) Tesla factory used power from coal and fossil to build your Tesla and 2) your tesla has elements like the tire which is not 100% recyclable.

So does this taint Tesla's "green" record? No. This is the first time in history an automotive company has taken steps to dramatically reduce its effect on our plant.

Mercedes, BMW, GM, Ford, Chrysler, they didn't do much till Tesla came into the market. Sure, every 8 years when they release a new version of their car, they increase the MPG by 1 miles more. Really, does that help- NO. Thank you, Tesla, for changing the automotive world. I see the impacts multiplying. Did you know today, Fédération Internationale de l’Automobile (FIA), the group in charge of Formula One, announced that Tesla Racing series is now approved by them. No more gas engines in racing, it's electric baby!

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