Can Tesla drive in snow?

Short answer is Yes.  You can drive your Tesla car or SUV in snow. Read more below.

Depending on your Tesla vehicle you will benefit from multiple technologies that make it safe to drive a Tesla through extreme cold and snowy weather.

Some upgrades that can help:
1) "D" version, which is the dual motor. This gives the drive better handling in snow. Did you know this... adding the dual motor to the Tesla car as originally intended for improved snow driving capability? The insane speed achieved by it as a side effect!

2) Air suspension: you can lift your car higher so that you don't drag piles of snow under or in front of your car.

What "Real" drivers say:
Drivers who've documented their Tesla road trips through snow report a superb experience. They report a quiet ride, autopilot functionality, amazing traction, and excellent stopping capability. Find below a video made by a customer who drives his Tesla S in Norwegia.

Additionally, you can warm up your Tesla before you get it. Why sit in a cold car when you can jump into a warm one.

Battery Performance:
Tesla batteries are well shielded and are made with quality materials. The end results are less than 15% loss of power even after 30 days of being parked in snow cold weather.

Before we close, according to Fortune magazine, "The Tesla Model X is (Almost) the Perfect Winter Car.


Driving a Tesla S in severe snow weather.

Video: driving a Tesla Model 3 in snow

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