Do all Tesla cars have Autopilot?

Good news: starting 2018 all Tesla's come with Autopilot.  Read details about other earlier models below.

Autopilot enhances the user's driving pleasure. You can learn more about autopilot here.

Autopilot requires hardware updates. Tesla has been know to update older year models upon owners request (and expense).

Autopilot requires the following hardware:
- Forward-looking camera array in top Center of the windshield
- Forward-looking radar located in the lower front grill
- Ultrasonic Sensors located in Front and Rear Bumpers
- Electronic-assisted steering (with vibration) and braking systems
- TACC sensors (traffic-aware cruise control)

Below is a listing of which Tesla cars have Autopilot functionality.
Roadster (1st generation)- No Autopilot
Roadster (2nd generation)- Yes, it's standard

Tesla Model S- certain models built after September 2014 come with Autopilot.

Tesla Model X- available in all year Model X

New for 2018- all Tesla Models come with Auto-piolot!

Buy a Tesla with Autopilot.


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