How much does it cost to charge a Tesla?

Cost of charging a Tesla varies from state to state. Electricty tends to be cheaper in mid western states. However, in general most drivers report savings of about $9 per charge. Read more below.

This rate will vary from state to state. However, one thing remains constant, its cheap to charge a Tesla.

Most reports show an average cost of $45 per month to charge a Tesla. That's about $540 in a year. Most luxury car owners spent $540 in 2 months of gas fill, so as you can see the money savings is HUGE.

Since we talking savings, imagine saving $80 per oil change for the rest of your life with the Tesla!

You can save additional money by adding Solar cells or signing up for special plan available from your power provider. 

If you own a brand new Tesla S or X, you get 400 kWh of free charging at Supercharger locations. Model 3 owners have a pay a small fee. 

You can find electric car charging stations around your town. They are usually at major malls, airports, office building and well know public locations.  Here is a list of electric car charging providers

If you need to purchase a Tesla charger, visit our Tesla accessories page.


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