Is buying a Tesla worth it?

Good question! The worth of a Tesla depends on how you look at it. Are you looking at price? savings? reliability? Read more below.

Tesla ownership- is it worth it? YES. Here is why.

1. No gas, little maintenance, fun.. read more

2. If you look at it just on money spent to the car you get. This is where Tesla would lose. You can buy a used Honda Civic or a used Toyota Corolla for under 5.

3. Performance- Yes
Tesla cars regardless of a single motor, dual motor, ludicrous mode are all fun to drive. The responsive electric motor and amazing suspension make it a pleasure to drive.

4. Next generation techno.ogy
Tesla's are packed with the next generation of technology. No other car today comes built in with a 17" screen that's better quality than an Apple Mac Book.

5. Autopilot and better coming technology
Tesla cars will one day drive itself. Today you can call the car to come to you using the "Summon" feature. Next, you can input the address and have it take over driving while on the freeway. In the next few years, Tesla's will take you to your destination from your driveway till the end. Imagine sipping coffee or reading your email while on the way to work.

So, is a Tesla worth it? We would say a loud YES. It's unlike anything in the market. Every manufacturer takes what they have and adds a few bells and whistles, but Tesla takes leaps in each round of development.

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