Do I need to upgrade my home power to charge a Tesla?

Your Tesla car can be charged with a standard 120 volt power supply that every home in USA has. There are other ways to increase charge time. Read more below.

Charging a Tesla car can be done via a 120 power volt (standard at all USA homes), 240 (present in many USA homes) and 480 volts (only at Superchargers).

Although you can charge your Tesla with 120-volt power supply, it will take you extremely long, we are taking several days.

The best way is to upgrade to 240 volts. Many homes built after the 80's tend to have this built into the car garage close to where your washer and dryer would be located. This was because many washers and dryers come in the 120 and 240-volt options.

If your garage does not have 240, you can ask an electrician to upgrade your home. This upgrade can cost from 00 to $700. It depends on the number of power updates (ex: new power panel) that will be required.

Once you have 240 power supply, your Tesla car will charge in 8-12 hours. We've written an article that covers this in details. Read here

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