Should I buy a New Tesla or Used?

Used Tesla's are excellent return on your investment.  Tesla's electric motors have little wear and so you can expect it to last longer than electric cars. Read more below.

You can find hundreds of used Tesla cars on sale on our site. But should you buy a used Tesla vs a New Tesla? Excellent questions, read more below.

Pros of an Older Tesla:
- you can get a Models S for cheaper than a Model 3
- Older Model S has the same interior space as the new
- You will find little loss in performance compared to a new one
- You will see little battery range loss

Cons of an Older Tesla:
- no factory warranty, unless you search for a model with one
- No 4g. Older Tesla Model 3 had 3G internet. If you don't do much browsing on your Tesla, you will be fine.
- No access to Supercharger. Very few of the 2013 and 2014 can be charged on a Supercharger. If you want this, look for a model with this function.
- No Enhanced auto-pilot. This is new for 2018 models and onwards.

Now, unless you want the latest and greatest, used Tesla cars are more than enough. What would you rather have a new Prius or Volt or a beautiful used Tesla Model S--- we know the answer.

Tyler Hoover, a YouTuber went through the exact same experiment. Watch his video below.

Ready to buy a used Tesla, click here.


Used Tesla Feedback

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