Should I buy a Range Rover or Tesla Model X?

You should buy a Tesla Model X. Model X is more powerful, has class, has the technology, has leg room, can town, has more seating, has respect, is large, will last longer than a Range Rover, requires zero gas, cheaper to own and has autopilot capabilities. Read more below.

Both are luxury cars but let’s be real the faster the better, Right? Nothing compares to the Tesla P100D in “Ludacris Speed” which can do 0-60 in 2.8sec. You read right, I said 2.8 SECONDS. This is not your mama’s minivan.

I have been a long time lover of the style and class of a Range Rover. Then comes along a luxury electric car, which I can agree, is not as sexy on the outside as a Range Rover but boy does it come with all the bells and whistles a Range doesn’t come with.

The Tesla X, it’s a little lighter on the wallet than a Range Rover. I’m a changed person. The Tesla X is just as Classy and if you like the attention, the falcon doors always turn heads.

With all that said, being a family guy, I couldn’t be selfish and had to think about my family too. Let’s be real, even though I love a fast car the only time I go over 60mph is when I’m merging onto the highway. I had to consider which car would be best for my family. The Tesla X was hands down the winner. It has options for a 6 or 7 seater for our growing family.

The 3rd row was spacious and the 2nd row moved forward if space was needed.

It has a high-performance Electric motor. The auto-pilot feature is hands down one of the best features in this car.

I saved the best for last, it is one of the highest safety rated vehicles on the market. I should have just said that in the beginning. Safety is everything with my family in the car.

Some other cool features that sold me on the Model X over the Range Rover was the 17” display in the dash. The minimalist look.

There was tons of space below the seats and between the seats to put extra baggage when on long road trips. The “frunk”, the space in the front of the car where an engine would be in a normal car, is an added bonus for space.

The Tesla is a well made Luxury Vehicle, whether for yourself or for your family, Tesla X is a winner.

Find your Tesla X here.


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