Tesla Model S P, Model E, Model X, Roadster and Tesla Semi Photos

Plus custom Tesla car pictures and Tesla Race challenge videos.

Tesla Model 3 Photos

Beautiful pictures of the Tesla Model 3 cars.

Model 3 Performance

Tesla's Model 3 has amazig performance capabilities. To start with it's 0-60 mph is just 3.5. That puts it in line with BMW and Porsche performance. 

Model 3 Colors

The standard color on a Model 3 is black. This reminds us of Ford Model T, which only had the option for Black color when it launached . 

Full Self-Driving

Tesla currently had Enhanced Autopilot which can change lanes, auto park, and auto steer. The next version will fully drive itself!

Tesla Model 3 Video - by Top Gear

Tesla Model S Photos

Amazing pictures of Tesla Model S car.


The top of the line Tesla Model S P100D with ludicrous mode has the quickest accelration of any production car. 0-60 mph in 2.5 seconds.


Model S acheived the highest saftey rating of any car ever (so far till 2018). 5 star rating in: front, side, side pole, driver and side impact

It's Beautiful Inside

Starting with the beautiful and clear 17" center screen, to the steering wheel and the comfortable seats, Tesla Model S interior is tastefully and beautifully built.

Tesla S Video - Top Gear

Tesla Model X Photos

Check out our Model x pictures.

Plenty of seating

Tesla Model X has seating for up to 7 using their bench seating option. If you prefer captain seats in the middle row, the seating moves down to 6.

Capable to go anywhere

Just like any other SUV, Tesla Model X is ready to go cross country, into camping grounds, and to the ski slopes. With plenty of storage space, you can take it all with you.

Safety is priority

With autopilot active, Tesla cars are constantly monitoring the road around you.  Based on dangers, it can adjust lanes, speeds or brake.

Tesla X Video - by CarWow

Tesla Roadster Photos

Beautiful pictures of the Tesla Roadster, the fastest electric sports car.

Roadster Performance Specs

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Seating for 4!

Tesla managed to ensure a family could enjoy this car. The Tesla Roadster fits 4 people. Most likely, the front 2 are for adults and rear for children.

Glass Roof

The glass roof is panoramic. Additionally, it can be take off for an open air, convertible experience.

Tesla Roadster Video

Tesla Semi

Photo's of the Tesla Semi.


Tesla Semi is fast. It can go 0 - 60mph in under 20 seconds- btw, thats with 80,000 pounds being hauled. Plus, no more dark fumes coming out of a Semi!

Center seating for driver

With a simple dash powered by 2 large screens and a center mounted steering wheel, truck drivers will have more control as they haul.

Starting at 50,000

The 300 mile range Semi starts at 50K and moves up to $200K. Companies such as Walmart has place pre-orders for 1st round delivery.

Tesla Semi - by Elon Musk

Dodge Charger SRT Hellcat vs. 2015 Tesla Model S P85D

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