Is Tesla Model S faster than Tesla Roadster?

Tesla Roadster will be the fastest production car when it is released. It will be faster than the Model S and every other Tesla vehicle.

Model S is just a tad slower. About 6 seconds.  Note, some car testing companies have recorded the car at 2.3 seconds. 

2.5 seconds from 0-60 mph is incredibly fast for a sedan. No other production sedan can match the Model S.

Model S is also larger and has more components / materials. This leads to weight which will slow the car down.  

Electric GT recently created a stripped down racetrack-ready Tesla which claims 0-60 mph at 2 seconds!   

The Tesla Roadster is not yet released.  When it is finally released, many feel Elon would be able to relase upgrades to the car which would lower the 0-60 mpth to close to 1.5 seconds.

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