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Tesla Gets Approval to Sell Model 3 in Europe

Europe is a huge market for automobile manufacturers. Tesla was locked out for years while companies like Audi, BMW, and Mercedes made millions. That is no longer the case! Starting Feb 2019, Tesla can start selling Model 3s in Europe. This is a huge forward step for Tesla and it's shareholders.

Tesla Reduces Prices by $2000

Tesla announced in Jan 2019 that it is dropping $2000 off the price on all Tesla models. This is being done to reduce the impact from the reduction of the US Federal EV tax credit. This decision impact stocks heavily. Read to learn more about this.

Tesla Model 3 vs Chevy Volt

Which car would you buy? The Tesla Model 3 or Chevy Volt? Volt is slightly cheaper and is hybrid, Tesla is a "Tesla", fully electric, and has a longer electric range. Read this article on how I made my decision.

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