What is the cheapest Tesla car?

Tesla Model 3 is the cheapest Tesla car you can buy when buying brand new. However, when searching on our site you will find used Model S that are much lower in price.

One of the best values in the market for a used electric car is Tesla. Here is why...

1. Battery lasts well past 100K with just 3% loss in efficiency
2. Little wear and tear. Almost 0 issues past 100K with the electric motor.
3. Looks great even after years.

Model S is the best way to find a cheap Tesla. Model S was first produced in 2013. Prior to that was the Roadster supercar. The Supercar is still valued high, after all, it is their only supercar to date and it started out at 100K+. The Model S however, is mass produced and starts out under $75K.

A 2013 Tesla can be found on our site for as low as $35 and 70K miles. This is not bad at all. At 75K miles a Tesla is barely broken in.

Start your search on our site. Find a used Tesla here.


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