What do you check when buying a used Tesla?

Tesla's will have less issues than a gas powered car. When you do buy a used Tesla, for the below and you'll be just fine.  Read more below.

Top 10 list of items to check when buying a used Tesla.

1. In 2015 the car cabins became quieter, so you may prefer this.
2. Air suspension on a Tesla is more comfortable than coil based suspension.
3. If you are an audiophile, the standard audio system on a Tesla will work well.
4. Check the undercarriage of the car for visible dents. Usually happens if the driver took the car offroad.
5. Check for odd tire wear, this can be signs of alignment issues.
6. Check the door seals of the doors and frunk.
7. Check the car seat heater function.
8. Check for damage on the main 17" screen.
9. Check for cracks on the windshield or the panoramic roof. These can be expensive repairs.
10. Check if the door handles go in out smoothly without any friction or funny noises. This can be an expensive item to fix.

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