Whats the difference between Tesla 60, 74, P85+, P85D, 100D, P100D?

Tesla follows a simple numbering and alphabetical naming system when labeling their cars.  Read more below.

Buying a Tesla may look complicated with all the models and their submodels available. Every car manufacturer releases a car model and creates variations in the model. This is used to increase and upsell their customers.

A good example of this is BMW. They sell their 3 series in 320, 330, 330i, 335i, 340, and M3. Each one has different engine and performance capabilities and usually, as the model number goes up, so does the price.

Tesla is similar but simpler. Allow us to explain.

LETTERS BEFORE THE NUMBER: currently, the only letter before the numbers is "P". The "P" stands for performance.

Tesla "P" cars have the best performance. They are the only one with "Ludicrous" mode. You know, the one that gets you from 0-60 mph in less than 2.5 seconds.

The upgrade does cost about $20,000 more. But anyone with that kind of extra cash and the desire to drive one of the fastest cars in the world can't pass up this version.

NUMBERS: the numbers in the Tesla model define the range of the battery. 60 can travel the least distance and the 100 can travel the most.

LETTERS AFTER THE NUMBER: currently the only letter you'll find after the numbers are "D". The "D" for Tesla car stands for Dual Motor. Cars labeled "D" have a motor in the front and back. The front motor drives the front 2 wheels and the rear motor drives the back 2 wheels. This gives it an "All-wheel" drive capacity.

The performance gains from "D" equipped cars are huge: better driving performance, better take off and better acceleration.

Salik Malik create a good video on this.
Also check out Tesla's own comparison page.

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