What is the most expensive Tesla?

Tesla Roadster will be the most expensive consumer car. Tesla's Semi truck will be the most expensive vehicle, however it will be sold to commerical companies. Read more below.

Tesla Roadster is the most expensive car produced by Tesla Motors.

The Roadster is available to purchase for $250,000 USD. This would be put it 00,000 more than the Tesla Semi and 00,000 more than the Tesla X.

Is it worth it? If you are into Supercars, YES. No other production Supercar can match this performance at this price. You will have to spend close to ,000,000 USD to purchase a close competitor.

Roadster is far superior to it's competitive Supercars. Roadster has seating for 4, 620-mile driving range (most Supercars have around 200), and has a top speed of 250.

If you have spare $250,000, then the Tesla Roadster can be yours in 2020. Go here to reserve your Roadster.

Until then, if you are looking for an extremely fast Tesla Model S, visit our inventory of Tesla cars for sale.


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