Where can I charge my Tesla?

Tesla vehicles can be charged at home, office, retail locations and at Superchargers. Read more about each below and list of Supercharger locations.

Tesla cars can be easily charged. So this should not be a fear when thinking about investing in a Tesla.

Home charging (Level 1 and Level 2):
Your home power supply can charge your Tesla immediately. You just need to connect your Tesla's charger to your 120-volt power socket. This is called Level 1 as it's the lest effective way to charge your Tesla. It can take a full day for a 30 minute charge.

To speed up charging, connect to you 240-volt socket (Level 2). Level 2 charging can completely charge your Tesla in 8 hours.  Many newer homes come with this built into the garage. If you don't have this, you can upgrade your power panel to support 240 volts. Call your local electrician to do this.

Additionally, you can upgrade to solar. Adding solar would mean you charge your Tesla for free and all your home appliances consume zero power from the power grid.  

Buy a Tesla charger for your home.

Superchargers (Level 3):
This is called Level 3 as it's the highest, most efficent way to charge your Tesla car. These are the chargers setup by Tesla. These chargers are special. They output 480 volts DC. It can charge most Tesla batteries in 60 minutes or less. The are located throughout the USA. List of Tesla Superchargers

Third Party Charging Stations:
Several companies have erected charging stations that any electric vehicle can use. You'll find these easily at malls, offices, and outdoor venues. Here is a list of major companies and where to find their chargers.

1. ChargePoint: find chargepoints list of charging stations.

2. PodPoint: list of podpoint charging stations.

3. Plugshare: list of plugshare charging locations.

4. EVgo: list of evgo charging locations.

5. Evconnect: list of evconnect charging locations.

If you are looking for a Tesla charger for your home, which is the easiet way to charge your car, go here.  

To compare the speeds between the above 3 options, see below.
MODEL X - best battery 100 (X100)
- Level 1 (120 volt) = 4 days time to fully charge
- Level 2 (240 volt) = about 8 hours to fully charge
- Leve 3 (480)=  1 hour to fully chage up


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