Why do people like Tesla cars?

Tesla owners are fans for life. Zero gas, zero oil changes, drives fast- these are just few of the reasons why people like Tesla cars.

Tesla owners love their car. There are very simple reasons.

1. No Gas Needed
Imagine never going to a gas pump- ever. Well, unless you want to buy a lotto ticket. You'll have over $80 per pump, that's about $200 savings per month.

2. No Emissions
Tela has no tailpipe. Electric cars don't release any emissions that are harmful to the plant. More electric cars mean less global warming over time.

3. Saftey
Tesla cars are amazingly safe. Visit our report on Tesla car's safety records.
Each car has passed the IIHS testing with flying colors.

4. Carpool lane/HOV Lane Access
Tesla cars get access to the carpool or HOV lanes across the USA. For those with long commutes, this is gold! You can shave 20-30% off on your commute during traffic peak.

5. OTA (Over the air) Updates
Your Tesla is connected to Tesla HQ. Tesla is constantly improving their platform and services. When these are updates all Tesla cars are updated over the air.

For example, if Tesla adds a new Supercharger, it would be updated on your car's interface as well. A recent update even optimized how Google maps guides you.

6. Almost No Engine Wear
Tesla uses an electric motor and not a gas engine which has many moving parts. With an electric car, you'll never have a broken belt, gasket leak, etc. The amount of issues with an electric car is negligible.

7. Customer Service
Tesla customers rate Tesla's support as one of the top in the industry. There are stories of Tesla employees visiting car owners to pick up their cars if they can't take their cars to the shop... wow.

8. It's Fun
There is no denying how fast and fun a Tesla is to drive. From the 75 to the P100D, each Tesla has amazing suspension and performance that makes it a pleasure to drive.

9. Part of a Group
When you buy a Tesla, you join a group. A group that understands the value of the car and the value it creates for the environment.

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