Want to go even faster with your Model 3.  Perhaps quietly zoom past that M3 that making all that rumble on the next lane?

Tesla just confirmed Track Mode is coming. Many Tesla Model 3 owners have been excited about this update. When the Model 3 news first came out, many buyers were disappointed that unlike the Model S which has a performance mode, the Model 3 was not going to have such updates. This was primarily due to Tesla wanting to successfully produce the $35K models.

But that’s changed, check out this tweet…

How to get the Model 3 Track Mode Upgrade…

  1. Purchase the Model 3 with the Performance AWD Dual Motor powertrain- upgrade cost $10,000
  2. Purchase Track Mode- upgrade cost $5000Total cost $15,000.  This will put your Model 3 at about $70,000 USD.It becomes a tough choice at this point. Do you buy a used Tesla Model S with Performance Upgrade. It will have more space and range. Or, do you buy the latest, faster, but slightly smaller Model 3?

What do you get with the Model 3 Track Mode Upgrade?

  1. Top speed from 145 to 155 (for those willing to risk their life and go so fast!)
  2. Carbon fiber spoiler
  3. Suspension upgrade
  4. 20” performance wheels
  5. Aluminum alloy pedals
  6. Michelin Pilot Sport 4S tires
  7. Red performance brake calipers

I’d love to hear if you bought this upgrade.  Message me and send me pic of you and your Model 3 Track Mode.