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About Tesla Cars
Tesla was founded in 2003 in California USA. It was started by a group of engineers who wanted to push the boundaries of the automotive industry. What they developed an electric car that was fast, and could drive the same distance as a gas car.

Tesla’s Cars: Roadster 1st Generation: The first car to launch from Tesla was the Roadster. Produced from 2008 to 2012, this all-electric car shocked the auto industry. It was able to drive over 200 miles when charged. It was powered by 1 motor and energized by lithium-ion batteries.

Model S: The next major electric car was the Model S. The Model S quickly became the leader in its vehicle class. It won major awards and broke automotive records. It also holds the record today as the quickest production car in the world. Tesla Model S competes with Mercedes E Class, BMW 5 series, and Cadillac CTS.

Model X: Tesla released the Model X in 2015. This time Tesla challenged the SUV market with a quick, long distance capable electric SUV. One of its highlights is the falcon doors. Tesla Model X competes with Land Rover’s Range Rover, Mercedes GL and ML, BMW X5 and Cadillac Escalade.

Model 3: In 2017, Tesla began production on the Model 3. This was under wraps and counted “Secret Master Plan” by Elon Musk. Model 3 has gone on to win multiple awards. Model 3 competes with BMW 3 series, Mercedes C class, and Cadillac ATS.

Roadster 2nd Generation: In 2020, Tesla is shocking the supercar industry with its 2nd generation Roadster. This supercar has 4 seats, sells for under $250,000, can drive up 620 miles on a single charge and will reach 0-60 mph in under 1.9 seconds. plans to list all used Tesla Models as they are released. Find thousands of cars to search from and buy the right one for you and your family.

Are Tesla cars 100% electric?

Yes every car and truck produced by Tesla Motors is 100% electric.

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What is the cheapest Tesla car?

Tesla Model 3 is the cheapest Tesla. Although, you may find cheaper Model S cars, they will have significantly higher miles.

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Why do people like Tesla cars?

Yes, Tesla owners love their car. It 100% electric, some of the models are the fastest production cars on earth, safe, high tech, excellent performance on road and highway, well made and has a high owner satisfaction rating.

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Amazing Facts about Tesla Motors.

1) Tesla Motors was founded by Martin Eberhard and Marc Tarpenning but they are no longer with Tesla.
2) Tesla shares all it patents with anyone who wants it.
3) Tesla's logo is inspired by a cross-section of an electric motor.
4) Tesla Motors is first all-electric car company in the world.
5) Model S was the first electric vehicle to ever receive Motortrend’s Car of the Year Award.

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Whats the difference between Tesla 60, 74, P85+, P85D, 100D, P100D?

The numbers indicate a longer driving range. So a Tesla Model 85 has longer range than a Tesla Model 60.

The "P" in the model name stands for performance. Cars with P rating have more powerful motors.

The "D" indicates the car has dual electric motors. One in the back and the other in the front. This gives it much better traction and acceleration.

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Is charging a Tesla Free?

Charging at home is almost free, you'll pay a small amount to your home utility provider. If you own a Tesla Model S or Model X, each year you receive 400 kWh of free Supercharger credit (about 1000 miles worth).

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